Monday, September 9, 2013

Season 8 Premier: MURDERBALL

Season 8 Premier MURDERBALL with special guest, director Dana Adam Shapiro
Friday, Sept. 27th, 7:30pm Depot Theatre, Garrison

Better known as Wheelchair Rugby, Murderball is a game created
by paraplegic athletes that is every bit as aggressive as the name

Played with bone-breaking intensity, a typical game of
Wheelchair Rugby involves plenty of trash-talking, a few head-
on collisions, and the occasional player being thrown from his
modified wheelchair. 

The film offers an up-close look at a recent
Wheelchair Rugby tournament, and the fierce rivalry between the
US and Canadian teams, as well as the personal stories of the
athletes who are passionate, driven, and determined to win - as 
one of them says, "I'm not here for a hug, I'm here for a medal." 

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